photography of Puerto Rico - Coffee Farmer
photography of Puerto Rico - Sugar Cane Harvest

Así Somos | Who We Are is a book of photography of Puerto Rico. Beautiful and moving these photographs are printed in vibrant color. A hardbound keepsake for the whole family with stories of struggle and success; traditions and values.

“In love, and in prayer; at work and at play; making music and art; and preparing food. Shot in various locales in Puerto Rico, New York, Chicago, California, Hawaii, and elsewhere in the United States” 

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Así Somos | Who We Are
Concept and Text: Ada Nivia López
Photography: Mark Joseph
Design: Artist Antonio Martorell

ASI SOMOS | WHO WE ARE a video synopsis

Hunter College Video Interview with Authors Ada and Mark for “Puerto Rico Voices”

Centro, the center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College (CUNY), did a beautiful video interview piece about our book for their television series “Puerto Rican Voices”. The interview features author Ada Nivia Lopez and the Photographer Mark Joseph, the creators of the book, talking about the project’s genesis and inspiration. We suggest clicking the “full screen” button in the video to get the full impact of the images.

Así Somos / Who We Are from Center for Puerto Rican Studies on Vimeo.


Vieques Fisherman

Vieques Fisherman

From Booklist Online:

Asi Somos: Who We Are.
López, Ada Nivia (author) and Mark Joseph (author).
Sept. 2016. 180p. illus. Dovewing, hardcover, $60 (9780692285893). 770.
REVIEW. First published October 6, 2016 (Booklist Online).

This completely bilingual photo collection from Chicago-based creators López and Joseph aims to capture the diversity and exuberance of Puerto Rican culture in artful, vibrant images. In her introduction, López invites readers to join this photographic voyage, in the hope that they will see not only those gathered here as subjects, but also themselves, more deeply. Joseph’s photos, which were taken over a decade beginning in the early aughts, show Puerto Rican people in celebration, in love, and in prayer; at work and at play; making music and art; and preparing food. Shot in various locales in Puerto Rico, Chicago, California, Hawaii, and elsewhere in the United States, Joseph’s images play with focus and field depth to display a people in motion. Infants, seniors, and everyone in between can be found in these pages, in bustling cities or surrounded by wild nature, addressing the camera, or in reflection, in profile, or nearly invisible or unaware of the camera’s presence. Following the collection itself, where each giant image is accompanied by a brief, bilingual caption, a paragraph-length description of each photo follows, alongside a thumbnail version. López and Joseph succeed in illustrating the diversity of Puerto Rican people with this reflective, pulsing-with-life collection.— Annie Bostrom

Exhibit at Museo de las Américas

Designed by Humberto Figueroa, the exhibit comprises over 100 photographs excerpted from the book Así Somos | Who We Are. The images are sized 40″ x 60″ and 24” x 36”. The life-sized images will encourage the viewer to enter into a dialogue about who we are and reflect on the Puerto Rican experience on the Island and the U.S. including Hawaii.

30,000 people viewed the exhibition between December 19, 2014 – March 29, 2015
Museo de las Américas, Cuartel Ballajá, Old San Juan

Book Signing Event at the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture

We’re glad to see so many people coming out in this beautiful day to the book signing of “Así Somos | Who We Are” with Ada López and Mark Joseph at the The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture.

Todays event was full of warmth and friendship! Thank you for everyone who came out to show support for Así Somos | Who we are. Porque Asi Somos and we have to let the world know who we really are!