About ASWWA — Photography of Puerto Rican Culture

Photo of Puerto Rican Culture - Elderly Couple

About Así Somos | Who We Are — A Photography Project of Puerto Rican Culture

Así Somos | Who We Are is a book of photography that highlights the enormous richness and diversity of Puerto Rican culture. This book by Ada Nivia López, is bilingual and includes more than one hundred images by photographer Mark Joseph, designed by artist Antonio Martorell.

This collection of photographs is an insider’s view that represents years of work and hundreds of interviews and conversations to capture moments in the daily lives of people whose collective story is of a culture transcendent over time and space.

The photographs were taken from Honolulu to San Juan . . . from New York to Ponce . . . from Chicago to Houston. Although the images are of Puerto Ricans, the stories are universal and people of different backgrounds will see their own lives and reflect on the fundamental values that unite us.

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Así Somos | Who We Are
Concept and Text: Ada Nivia López
Photography: Mark Joseph
Design: Artist Antonio Martorell