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Photo of Puerto Rican Culture - Joseph Acaba - International Space Station
Photo of Puerto Rican Culture - Steel Pouring

Photography of Puerto Rican Culture — Education Programs

Así Somos | Who We Are because it provides such a well-presented and thorough picture of life and culture in Puerto Rico and its Diaspora, makes for an outstanding addition to any number of education programs in schools, churches, community organizations, government agencies, museums, businesses interested in Puerto Rican Culture. It also offers an opportunity for any group or organization to enhance their mission of education, diversity and community involvement.



  • Schools: Así Somos | Who We Are presents an opportunity for exploring a number of subjects in a fresh and exciting way. Language and arts teachers can use the book as a way of helping students appreciate and critique visual texts. Students can also learn about how photography is useful and powerful as a form of self-expression and communication.
  • Churches and community organizations: One of the messages of Así Somos | Who We Are is that believing in oneself can help start an individual or a community on the road to hope and fulfillment. Churches and other community groups will find Así Somos | Who We Are full of uplifting power and beauty.
  • Museums: As more and more museums recognize the power of photography as a medium, images from Así Somos | Who We Are can be used in contemporary photography exhibits, as well as in Puerto Rican cultural education programs designed to engage the public and promote better understanding and increased interest in the art form.
  • Businesses: Those in the corporate world who are looking to improve or highlight their business’ corporate social responsibility and internal diversity programs can use Así Somos | Who We Are in their programs, as well. Such programs can lead to improved brand reputation as well as better employee morale.
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Así Somos | Who We Are
Concept and Text: Ada Nivia López
Photography: Mark Joseph
Design: Artist Antonio Martorell